If you want to see the amount of people that is really wishing for this to happen, this game was the KING of games in its time and i think that you Blizzard can bring it back, ive played WOW and Starcraft 1 and 2 and Heros of the Storm, even Hearthstone, but these games cant fill my hunger, so i keep playing the Warcraft 3, just giving an idea.. i think it would be great if you, Blizzard, could make a pack joining the old warcraft 1 and 2 with the warcraft 3, making a remake of those 3 amazing games into 1 AMAIZING CREATiON, i know that maybe im asking too much, but i think it would be great for both, Blizzard and the gamer community. if you are another player that wish this to happen i really appreciated you comment, so maybe we could make this tread big enough to call the attention.

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